Stim Day 7: Rambling!

Cheers! We made it to Stim Day 7. Not to say I have turned into a professional at injections (well I am a nurse so I guess I kind of already am) but I would say I could whip out my needles and meds and have it injected into my tummy in less then 2 minutes which is quite an accomplishment from where I started!

This whole process thus far has gone pretty fast, waiting for it to get here was probably the longest part. After transfer we have to wait for 5 days to see how many of our fertilized embryos made it to the Day 5 blastocyst stage, so I’m sure that will be a long wait too, we will get updates on how our embabies are doing but I am sure we will feel like of hopeless waiting to see how many of our babes survived and are strong enough to freeze!

Above this video I attached a picture of a few of the follicles on ultrasound, just so you can get an idea of what we are looking at! One side is the left side one side is the right, you cant miss them! These are not all twenty clearly you have to move around to see them all but just thought I would give y’all a visual!




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