Egg Retrieval Update

Hey All… Im back!  Yesterday was a struggle, and today is significantly better but I really am in no shape to get in front of a camera. Egg retrieval went well, it felt…. less then amazing. We got there bright and early with our donuts, and were moved back into our pre/post procedure room. I was so nervous about the retrieval and seriously thought I had ovulated the night before, since I had not taken the ganirelix! I trust Dr. A and of course he was right. I didn’t ovulate, thank god!

I put on my lucky socks, they got an IV in my arm and shortly after the CRNA was questioning me about my anesthesia history. We walked back to the room, I reminded Dr A about my left ovary having to be pushed down to see it on ultrasound (which he is the freakin doctor Im not sure why I told him that, lol probably just nervous) then I was out!

Woke up to the WORST CRAMPING I HAVE EVER FELT. They had to wait to give me my final egg count, I asked my husband about a hundred times. I asked him to record a video post op… my plan was to share it with yall, but lets just say I am no glamorous Beyonce coming out of anesthesia, so that video will definitely be deleted.

I will sum it up for you: I cried in pain, my lips look like they are going to crumble off, i asked my husband if he successfully did his part of the mission, and i cried some more…. what can I say it HURT. not going to lie…

Probably in part because of how many eggs we retrieved….. 26! I was happy with that number, I was secretly hoping he would find some more in there but I need to feel blessed! Now we wait for our fertilization update report today. Please pray there are many many eggs that were mature and fertilized. Today is a big day and I am nervous!eggs


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