Bump in the Road

Hey guys,

just wanted to do an almost real time update about where we are with our eggs. Unfortunately we got a call yesterday that only half of our embryos made it to fertilize. Out of the 26 eggs we retrieved, 23 were mature, and only 13 fertilized with the help of ICSI. I was so heartbroken to hear that number. You work so hard on getting those darn eggs, and while I was expecting the number to drop, I wasn’t expecting the number we got to be so low.

From here our embryos have to make it to Day 3 (Thursday) and we will get another update. Then they have to make it to Saturday to be cultured and frozen. I am praying that we can keep the embryos that we have left with us right now, and am extremely nervous.

As for how I’m feeling… still significantly crampy, extremely bloated (look about 5 months pregnant, what a cruel joke) and quite a bit of pain. I was expecting to have felt better by now. So now we just continue to wait, and pray that our embryos are strong enough and God is willing to let them continue on.

I will post a video as soon as I am feeling better.



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