Our Story

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Infertility? November 20th, 2015 one of the best days our life! We ended that day ready to conquer the world! We had a house, cars, and two kids from previous relationships, and now rings! We knew exactly what we were going to on to complete our life, the missing pieces to our family, more kids!

The rest seems like a blur, a long drawn out blur. First one month went by, then two, then three we went to the doctor early because I knew something wasn’t quite right. She diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and said it would be a quick fix, just a few pills at the beginning of my cycle and hopefully we would get the two big fat pink lines we had been waiting for on our test. However after  four cycles Clomid, hot flashes, indescribable cramps, and timed sex (yes! no fun) still nothing.

So we were sent for some diagnostic testing and found out that not only did I have PCOS, but that I was going to be unable to get pregnant without intervention due to tubal infertility. All the stuff was there, but no where for the eggs to go! This day was devastating. We found out that nothing that we could do without a doctor would ever give us a baby, our only choices was to start undergoing extreme intervention. We had a procedure to try and fix the problem, it also failed. At this point our only option was to be left in the hands of god, a doctor, an embryologist, and a the help of a little bit of science: it was called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

IVF- tube babies? what the stars do? quintuplets? I’ve everything under the sun already. Television makes the process out to be so glamourous. Most of the time all people see is the end result of the process, gods gift to earth, the cute little baby that comes of the process. There is soooo much more to the process, I repeat SOOOOO MUCH MORE that people never get to see or hear about: hormones, blood draws, tears, injections, ultrasounds, speculums, waiting on periods, praying for lab results,  dreaded waiting for multiple phone calls, and the two week wait where you hope pray and freak out about it working or not.

I thought that since I was at the beginning of my IVF journey it would be great to document it for multiple reasons: my family could maybe see and understand what I’m doing in Phoenix, my fellow TTC sisters could get an idea of the process before going through it themselves, and hopefully it would help me cope with this Roller Coaster ride we are on.

This is our journey to conceiving Baby Gammage. It has been a long, emotional, stressful, journey, but together we are going to get our miracle baby.