The BIG Embryo Report

Hey Guys! Here is the anticipated embryo report, we have been waiting all week to get to this point. We still have a long journey ahead of us, but are happy to have gotten to this point. I just finally am starting to feel normal again, I am so happy to be off of those … Continue reading The BIG Embryo Report


Anxiety Got the Best of Me

We are four days out from our egg retrieval! The past 1-2 days have been great, finally getting back to my normal self, not constantly attached to a heating pad laying on my side or belly! My bloating got¬†to a point where I legitimately could have shot maternity pictures and nobody would've bat an eye! … Continue reading Anxiety Got the Best of Me

Egg Retrieval Update

Hey All... Im back! ¬†Yesterday was a struggle, and today is significantly better but I really am in no shape to get in front of a camera. Egg retrieval went well, it felt.... less then amazing. We got there bright and early with our donuts, and were moved back into our pre/post procedure room. I … Continue reading Egg Retrieval Update

Egg Retrieval Eve!

Just wanted to take a moment to update you all on how I am feeling the day before our egg retrieval. I am so emotional, could it be the hormones? probably. Ive done pretty good at keeping the waterworks to a minimum until today. We have so much to be thankful for: our jobs, our … Continue reading Egg Retrieval Eve!

Its Go Time!

Hey Guys tonight we got the go ahead to pull the trigger! This is my day in a nutshell! Monitoring appointment... sleep... wake... get Trigger news....get nervous... head to the station so my husband can give me the butt shot! Its almost Go Time! Im just praying all of the ups and downs of this … Continue reading Its Go Time!

Stim Day 9: Morning Rant!

Stim Day 9 Stim Day 9... Stim Day 9.... First I just want to say you arent missing a whole lot if you skip this video.... but I needed I needed a morning rant, and to speak great things into existence! Hopefully all of this will end up being well worth it, and we don't … Continue reading Stim Day 9: Morning Rant!

Stim Day 7: Rambling!

Cheers! We made it to Stim Day 7. Not to say I have turned into a professional at injections (well I am a nurse so I guess I kind of already am) but I would say I could whip out my needles and meds and have it injected into my tummy in less then 2 … Continue reading Stim Day 7: Rambling!

In a bit of a Pickle Tonight- Injection!

Stim day 4!! Still have very minimal side effects aside from a headache! I guess we will see tomorrow if anything important is really happening. As for the video... I had to inject myself tonight, first time ever. Dreading this for the past 3 hours, but I figured having a fake audience might help me … Continue reading In a bit of a Pickle Tonight- Injection!