The Genetics are in!

I finally feel relaxed and content about where we are on hold at in our IVF process! Last Thursday i got the final cut and our genetics report from San Francisco, or where ever it was! I was pleased with the results! For now we will kind of be at a stand still on our … Continue reading The Genetics are in!


The BIG Embryo Report

Hey Guys! Here is the anticipated embryo report, we have been waiting all week to get to this point. We still have a long journey ahead of us, but are happy to have gotten to this point. I just finally am starting to feel normal again, I am so happy to be off of those … Continue reading The BIG Embryo Report

Anxiety Got the Best of Me

We are four days out from our egg retrieval! The past 1-2 days have been great, finally getting back to my normal self, not constantly attached to a heating pad laying on my side or belly! My bloating got¬†to a point where I legitimately could have shot maternity pictures and nobody would've bat an eye! … Continue reading Anxiety Got the Best of Me

Bump in the Road

Hey guys, just wanted to do an almost real time update about where we are with our eggs. Unfortunately we got a call yesterday that only half of our embryos made it to fertilize. Out of the 26 eggs we retrieved, 23 were mature, and only 13 fertilized with the help of ICSI. I was … Continue reading Bump in the Road

Egg Retrieval Update

Hey All... Im back! ¬†Yesterday was a struggle, and today is significantly better but I really am in no shape to get in front of a camera. Egg retrieval went well, it felt.... less then amazing. We got there bright and early with our donuts, and were moved back into our pre/post procedure room. I … Continue reading Egg Retrieval Update